Best Ballads of São Paulo for the GLS audience

The GLS audience lives the diversity! Is that Sao Paulo is the capital of diversity we can not deny. Not only in periods where tourists travel through the largest capital of Brazil, but throughout the year. The metropolis draws attention to the large number of attractions available to this targeted audience.

Best Ballads of São Paulo for the GLS audience

Thinking exactly of you, who wants to know what the gay men have to offer, we have listed some gay and lesbian nightclubs and bars. Check out.

Lions Nightclub

The Lions is a sophisticated ballad and is in the heart of São Paulo. To the GLS audience, the house offers programming with the best DJs in Latin America. People who come here, can dance to the best sounds, with intercalated genres. It has music for all tastes.

Visitors also find a 3D-lined track in Lions that takes dance to a new level through technology and LED panels that accompany the flagship of the House: electronic music.

Lions is located at Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 277. The consumption value varies between R $ 20 and R $ 130 and the hours of operation are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 11:50 until the last person leaves.

The L Club

The L Club nightclub is more geared towards homosexual female audiences, but the doors are open to everyone! Located in Vila Madelena, the GLS audience can enjoy traditional parties in the night scene in São Paulo, with the right to visit artists and actresses. The sound desk is run by women, most of the time.

The address of The L Club is Rua Luiz Murat, 370. The opening hours are on Fridays, from 11pm. The entry price varies between $ 10 and $ 40.

Cantho Club

Still in the house of the ballads, the Cantho Club is a great option for the nostalgic GLS audience that wants to enjoy the songs of the years 70 and 80. For those who are not fans of the dance floor, Cantho also offers three bars and the box for a quieter environment.

Located in Largo do Arouche, 32, the house is open from Friday to Sunday, starting at 11pm.

Club Glory

The Glory Club is for the GLS public rock and indie rock fan, with special electronic music nights, which ensures the home’s eclectic and democratic style.

Well located, in front of Praça do Bixiga, the ballad is in a building where it was an old church that is listed by the historical patrimony. The architecture of the house is a spectacle apart.

Flamingo Club

Moving to the bars category, the Flamingo Club is a small bar at the end of a staircase. It is divided into different rooms and has a charming terrace for smokers. There, the GLS audience can sample the 40 different brands of beer with the traditional pepper crust burger. The bar is located at Rua Antônio Carlos, 395, in Consolação.

Vermont Coffee

The Vermont Café is already a traditional point of the GLS public. Open until the wee hours, it is at happy hour that the bar lota. The venue offers live music and portions of food that are favorites in the area. Vermont Café is at Avenida Vieira de Carvalho, 10, in the Republic.


It’s at Queen that GLS audiences enjoy traditional shows at Drag Queen fun shows. Considered the gay meeting point of the region, the bar is located at Rua Vitória, 826, in Santa Ifigênia.

Besides these tips, São Paulo offers several other options for the fun of gays, lesbians and supporters. Be sure to try out these places, or explore others, such as Vila Madalena, with active night life!

Best Ballads of São Paulo for the GLS audience

Did you know any of these ballads? Leave your comment also if there are any more on your list that deserve the highlight!

Best Ballads of São Paulo for the GLS audience