Christmas starts much earlier in Lawn , in Rio Grande do Sul. It can be said that this destination is one of the most beloved among Brazilian families who want to enjoy the climate of the end of the year, the Christmas holidays and vacations in the best style possible.


The trip is unforgettable, with incredible scenery, great food and lots of fun. To help you with programming, how about some very interesting tips? Check out!

What is Christmas Light Gramado?

If you’ve always heard of Luz de Gramado, but you have no idea what the party is and how it works, let’s start by asking that question. This is considered the biggest Christmas event in the world. For the year, the city of Rio Grande do Sul receives around 2 million tourists with the intention of enjoying the celebration.

Throughout the Luz Christmas period, it is possible to participate in thematic shows, fairs, visit specially decorated places for the party, to know museums and much more. Other than you can imagine, this is not a childish attraction. Even the dads and moms are delighted and come back to believe that there is Santa Claus.

Every year the party starts in October and lasts until January of the following year. There is no set date for this to happen, but on Natal Luz’s website ( it is possible to follow all news and updates.

Follow the schedule

Following the schedule on the website Luz Natal, it is possible to plan better on the dates of the trip and not miss that show or attraction you most want to see. So the first step for those who want to attend the party is to know what you will find when you get there. Let’s look at some options.


The Luz de Gramado shows are truly amazing. The structure assembled so that they happen allows a typical Disney World event, right here in the South of our country. These shows are closed and you only have access through tickets. The same can be bought at the box office, but if it is worth a precious tip, buy in advance! We have already commented above that Christmas Light is very disputed, so if you do not want to take the risk of not finding a ticket for a presentation, arrive in the city with all guaranteed.

The theme is also always innovated every year. The only show that is standard Christmas Light in Gramado is the “Great Christmas Parade”. One might even venture to say that this is also the most disputed and handsome of the period. It is a time travel to know a little of the history of Christmas, the characters that were always present at that time, as well as knowing how the holiday was celebrated in different decades.

The Great Christmas Parade, just like the other Luz de Gramado Christmas shows happen on specific days, during the party period. It is important to know the dates so that you have the right ticket in hand and have fun as planned.

Lighting Turn-On Show

Other than the shows above, this is totally free. The lighting of the lights of Gramado happens every night, always at 8:30 pm, on Rua Coberta, in the center of the city. As the name says, the lights of the buildings are lit with special effects and also sonorous, enchanting all and making the party even more magical.

Christmas Village

In the Village of Natal you are enchanted and lost in the midst of such delicacy. It is in fact a village built for the time, where there are houses and shops, all themed and where you find various souvenirs from the party.


There are also places of visitation, such as the famous Santa Claus House, the main attraction of the village. Here, both the small and the grown up can find, talk and enjoy the Good Old Man. Of course, due to the season, the access is quite busy, but it’s worth waiting a few minutes in line for this special encounter.




Circling a bit more you find a 3D cinema, where special sessions are made with Christmas films, usually short films. There is also a small puppet theater with programmed shows and a fun park to close the tour with a golden key. Best of all is that the space is totally open to the public and you only pay for the cinema.

The place is truly charming! The impeccable decor with reindeer and sleds scattered throughout the streets, snowmen, beautiful Christmas trees and everything a holiday town has to offer. You will actually be enchanted, regardless of your age.


A valuable tip for those who are going to walk around here is to always carry a cap and water. The place is open and although, on most days, it does not have a hot climate, it is worth avoiding making the trip unprotected. Also be aware that the movement of people is constant and very large, especially in the month of December. Then you’ll probably find queues to see all the attractions and take your souvenir photos.

The Vila de Natal runs from 10 am to 10 pm every day.

Decorated Reindeer Show

As the name says, this is a graceful display of reindeer beautifully decorated by local artists. They stay outdoors, in the center of Gramado, throughout the period of Christmas Light and you pay nothing to enjoy the attraction. Take a walk around and bring home more beautiful, colorful and very unique pictures!


The name seems complicated, but it’s just a beautiful party where Gramado residents take advantage of a day to decorate the city’s pines with many lights and colorful ribbons. The tradition is German and survives here in Gramado for many years, becoming part of the Christmas Light and enchanting who passes by here at the time.

Even if you are not present on Tannenbaumfest, you can visit all the pine trees throughout Christmas Light. Otherwise, if you have the opportunity to accompany, do not forget your camera at home and register everything! You will definitely love it! With luck you can still participate!

Noel Racing and Hiking

A fun race and stroll in the midst of Natal Luz de Gramado. For athletes on duty, you can run up to 12 kilometers or walk up to 3 kilometers in this fun marathon. To give a lively moment at the moment, Christmas characters are present at the party cheering the audience and the participants. Noel’s run and walk usually takes place in November and you need to sign up in advance if you want to attend.
If you do not want to stay out of the Noel Race and Walk, just confirm your presence on the Sportif website.

Singer Tree

A Christmas tree made up of members of the Pedro Henrique Benetti Arts Program, which are diverse corals of the city that enchant anyone who is in Gramado during Christmas Light. The presentation has a date marked so it is important that you keep an eye on the site of the party so as not to lose it. The show is totally free and takes place on Rua Coberta, in the city center.

Tickets for Christmas Light

Several attractions are paid during the Luz de Gramado Christmas. In this way, it is necessary to buy tickets. All are available for sale until the day of the party, but because it is a busy event, most of them are sold out before the presentation. If you do not want to take the risk, you should get to the city already with everyone bought.

Some travel agencies already sell the package for Christmas Light with all tickets guaranteed, which is an added convenience for you. So it’s worth consulting your travel agent. If you prefer to go on your own, the organization of the event has partnered with the Eventicket company, where you can buy the tickets online. That way you can guarantee all shows well in advance.

The organization of Christmas Light is not responsible for sales beyond these two points that we report above.

Accommodation and food

Just because it is a big party, the hotel sector of Gramado has the capacity to support the average number of tourists arriving in the city at that time. Of course the options reduce as the event date approaches. If you want to save a bit more with the lodging, the indicated one is to book well in advance and to have the chance to find great inns with very accessible values.

Already in the matter of feeding you will have no problems. Restaurants work constantly throughout the party. You can find some that even invest in themed dishes. It’s the chance to savor sweets and Christmas treats you never made at your supper.


Now just start and plan your trip to Luz Natal in Gramado and make the most of the party. It will be an unforgettable and perfect trip for you and your family! Enjoy and leave your comment if you already know the party! What do you think? Any extra tips?