Pawnshop Party of Barretos

Wear jeans with a belt, leather hat and boot. Put your foot on the road and go and see the great Feast of the Peon of Barretos. This is currently the largest country event in Latin America.

Pawnshop Party of Barretos

Barretos , a city in the interior of São Paulo, popularized and gained fame due to the party, a very grand annual event that mobilizes thousands of people from Brazil and other countries.

The Barretos Peon Festival takes place on the occasion of the anniversary of the city, and is also an extraordinary spectacle, widely propagated by the media. Have not you been to Barretos yet? We’ll tell you what happens there!

How did the Barretos Peon Festival come about?

It all started with a bar talk where a group of friends gathered. This group called “The Independents” organized the 1st party, inspired by an old rodeo of horse mounts, happened in the Paulo de Lima Corrêa space in 1947.

At this time, the Mayor decided to organize a riding rodeo that would attract the attention of the many pedestrians who passed through Barretos in their commissions. Taking their cattle, they made an obligatory stop in the city and ended up staying longer in binges and nights.

Based on this first event, the Independents had the idea of ​​bringing together in the same space sertanejas presentations, rodeo, horse riding and the gastronomic competition “Queima do Garlic”, that chooses the entourage that makes the most delicious meal in less time .

In 1989, the party – which was already successful – was transferred to a space that became an entertainment complex. Today, it has a magnificent multipurpose rodeo stadium, shaped like a horseshoe, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, with a capacity for 35 thousand people. In this space happen the main shows, rodeos and the timed events. There is also the Leisure and Events Space Berrantão – which hosts musical shows. It is an air-conditioned space with capacity for 5 thousand people.

The place also has a trade fair area where they are found from souvenirs to big cars and tractors, in an immense fair of 1,500 square meters. There are several stages for concerts, camping area, restaurants, stands, food court and parking. In addition, there is the Museum of the Pawn and the Ranch of the Peãozinho that make the enchantment of the tourists.

On the arrival of the park, a huge cowboy statue, nicknamed “Jeromão” (a monument 27 meters high) welcomes visitors. Other statues like Monument Mount on horse, Mount in Taurus and Monument to Bull Bandido are present in the Park and pay homage to the pedestrians.

Between 2004 and 2005, Barretos gained more popularity after having served as scene of “America”, novel of TV Globo.

How’s the party?

The Pawn Feast in Barretos is always held in August, close to the anniversary of the city, which is August 25. It attracts thousands of tourists and national and international visitors. There are 11 days of musical exhibitions, national and international dances, challenges, gastronomic competitions and cultural events. The expectation around the shows and presentations is very great, since great stars of the country music are present every year. Parque do Peão, as the party space is known, offers fun for everyone.

In 2015

For 2015, the program includes two special moments that will honor two deceased sertanejos singers: Cristiano Araújo and José Rico. It will be an exciting tribute that will remind these two great idols of regional music. According to the organizers an unforgettable surprise has been prepared for the public and fans of the singers.

But what has generated more expectation is the presence of the American singer of country music – Garth Brooks, who donated everything that is collected in his presentation to the Hospital of the Cancer of Barretos. Your show will be a special form of solidarity at the Barretos party.

The shows

Big names from the country music will participate in the shows that take place at the Arena and Festeja Barretos stadiums. The shows will take place from August 20 to 30 and will be attended by such attractions as: Bruno and Marrone, Gustavo Lima, Luan Santana, Michel Teló and others. Some names like Paula Fernandes, Chitãozinho and Xororó, Fernando and Sorocaba and Xuxa, were chosen to perform with Garth Brooks at the height of the party.

How to go

The city has an airport, but there are not always flights. So the best way to get there is by bus or car. Barretos is 430 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo. If you are coming by car, the arrival path is also simple. You will pass by Bandeirantes Highway (SP-348) and also by Anhanguera (SP-330). You will arrive in the city of Campinas and follow Brigadeiro Faria Lima (SP-326) to Barretos. You will pass through Campinas, Limeira, São Carlos, Araraquara, Matão, Bebedouro and finally Barretos. The journey takes about 4 hours and 22 minutes. There are bus options also leaving from various cities in the area.

Where to stay

There are many options for hostels and hotels in the city of Barretos. Who wants to go in the time of the Party of the Pawn should be prevented and correct well before the lodging. In advance, reservations can be made conveniently via the internet, and packages are usually offered for the entire party period or weekends.

Going to the party there is still the camping option located inside the Park of the Peon and houses for rent, located on the road that is way to the event. The campsite is in a place with great infrastructure. The whole space is lawn and has toilets, bathrooms with showers, lighting and energy points.

The admission to the campsite includes access to the Parque do Peão, the Fair, the stages and the Rodeo Stadium. There are no reservations. Access is given on a first come, first served basis.


Rodeo programming promises excitement, fun and joy, as well as a lot of competition among pedestrians. Check out the 2015 grid.

Pawnshop Party of Barretos

August 20th – modalities: Team Penning, Cutiano Três Tambores and Taurus.

August 21 – modalities: Team Penning, Cutiano Três Tambores and Taurus.

August 22 – modalities: Cutiano and Taurus.

August 23 – modalities: Team Penning, Cutiano, Three Drums and Taurus.

August 24 – modalities: Team Penning and Taurus.

August 25th – modalities: Team Penning and Taurus.

Day 26 of August – modalities: Team Penning and Taurus.

August 27th – Rodeos in Team Penning, Cutiano, Três Tambores and Tauro.

August 28th – modalities: Team Penning, American Saddle, Bareback, Cutiano, Three Drums, Ram and Bull Rodeo.

August 29th – modalities: Team Penning, American Saddle, Bareback, Cutiano, Three Drums, Ram and Rodeo de Toros.

Day 30 of August – Final of the rodeos / Final International Bulls / Prize and Closing.

All the above information is on the official website of the event (, where you can consult even more about the party and everything that will roll there this year.

Pawnshop Party of Barretos