Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

Tourism aimed at the GLS public is growing in Brazil. Capitals fleeing this route have already taken points and made their way to the list, giving even more freedom to men and women seeking the “gay friendly destinations.” If this is also your interest and still do not know what to find in Brazil, see below the best destinations to find a love and many ballads.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

North region


Still a timid destination among the main ones of Brazil, the state of Amazonas also brings some ballads directed towards the GLS public. Being in the capital, Manaus , be sure to pass on the Boate Butterfly. The idea of ​​the establishment is to bring the best parties for the Manauans, with options of DJs and national and international performances. The place runs every Friday, Saturday and holiday eve, from 10 pm. The address is Rua Barroso, 293, in the center of Manaus.

Besides Butterfly, a strong brand of the city, other ballads and bars are prominent in the gay scene of Manaus. The city is also one of those that presents greater sexual freedom for its residents of Brazil. You will find the A2 Clubs, Turbo Seven, Enigma, among others. The East Zone of the city is considered a GLS point because it concentrates a lot of bars and squares frequented by gays, lesbians and sympathizers.

In Manaus also happens a famous event of the Amazonian Association of Gays, Lesbians and Transgender, to AAGLT. This promotes parties dedicated to the public in question.


Pará has also become quite prominent as a GLS destination in Brazil. There are many bars and nightclubs that focus on such a public and are already famous throughout the country. You can easily find blogs on the internet and Facebook pages with attention focused on the dissemination of GLS Belém .

Among the places that should be included in your list are the Rainbow Club, the Venus Hits nightclub, the Refúgio dos Anjos which is also known as Angela’s Bar, Espaço Fuxico, among others. The highlight goes to the modern Boka Xica Club which always takes the best DJs and artists to the house. It is well worth knowing! It is in downtown Belém and access is very easy.

North East Region


Bahia breathes diversity. Every corner of Salvador and the most touristy cities of the State there are options of ballads and bars for the GLS public. In capital, savior , take a break at the clubs San Sebastian and Tropical. The first is in the bohemian Rio Vermelho bar, also known for several “diversity bars”. The second nightclub is in Campo Grande and is known as the biggest gay point in Salvador.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

At the Barra you find an entire street GLS. The popular “Alley Off” earned this nickname due to the old night club that existed on the street, but was closed a few years ago. However, traders continued investing in their bars and here still full on weekends, especially on Fridays.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

On the question beaches , Salvador also has a lot to offer. Jardim do Namorados Beach and Barra Beach is popular with gays, lesbians and supporters. The locals here, on weekends, actually invest in the flirtatious.

For those seeking more ballads outside the capital, we highlight safe harbor , which stands out as one of the largest Friendly Destinations in Brazil. The most interesting thing about this destination is that the exclusive venues for the GLS audience are well reduced, as there is an incredible diversity in the parties and shows that take place in the city, especially in the summer. All environments are very democratic and respect all kinds of sexuality.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads


Ceará joined the gay friendly script a few years ago, but is already among the most prominent in the country. Nightclubs, saunas, bars and even beach stalls aimed at the GLS public are very successful among locals and tourists, especially in Fortress .

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

The highlight goes to the Donna Santa nightclub. Despite being a relatively popular nightclub, the deserved title of “best” of the capital goes to the shows performed. Throughout the year the establishment performs on Saturdays a show with national or local artist, very popular among the gay public.
In addition to Donna Santa, you will find the Meet Nightclub and Level, more aimed at those who do not miss an entire DJ night. The biggest names in electronic music in Brazil always appear here and the parties are mostly themed. For those who want to leave this area of ​​clubs and clubs, the bar Teresa and Jorge brings samba table every Saturday from 17 hours. The bar is in downtown Fortaleza.


After Bahia, Pernambuco has always stood out as the GLS destination of the Northeast. Recife is one of the most sexually diverse capitals in Brazil and, for that reason, you will find many options of fun in the city. For those who enjoy the beach, Barraca do Pezão is a certain point, especially at weekends. As an option for bars, Brown Castle, Mustang Chop and Central Bar should join your list.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

Among the clubs, we can mention the G-spot, the San Sebastian nightclub that is a well-known brand in Brazil, the Metropolis Club, the Confraternity of Bears, the Electronic Currency, among others. It is also worth taking a break in the city’s cinemas, which have public and films directed to the class.

Southeast region

Minas Gerais

Especially in Belo Horizonte , Minas Gerais presents a diversified roadmap for the GLS public. In the capital, we highlight Villa Paraty; the Annex of the Central Market, where groups meet on evenings at weekends and there is always a lot of flirting and cold beer; the bar of Cácia, very simple, but quite busy; besides the traditional Imperial Bar.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

For dancing, the Josefine nightclub is the most popular in Belo Horizonte. In spite of this, do not miss the Gis Club, the Viva Acústico Magazine, dDuck and the On Board Club. All the houses present themed parties and concerts of artists and Djs national and international. It is very worth to enjoy the party in each of these places.

Of the cities of the interior, Poços de Caldas calls attention enough. Both for parties and ecotourism attractions, you’ll find GLS groups for a holiday.

Rio de Janeiro

City of Diversity, the Rio de Janeiro has GLS attractions that are even hard to list. In Ipanema, Rua Farme de Amoedo is the most GLS in the capital of Rio. You will find bars, nightclubs and restaurants of all kinds. If you do not want to go to different places in the city, start here and you’ll surely find something attractive for your evening.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

Gávea also has GLS points and the highlight goes to nightclub 00 (Zero Zero). This is one of the most popular in Rio de Janeiro and known by its diverse public. The parties here take place from Thursday to Sunday and you’ll definitely love not just the attractions, but especially the locals.

Did you spend a little time in Arpoador to admire the landscape? Then the Gringo Café is worth a visit. With a retro American decor, the place attracts a well-diversified gay-friendly audience from Rio de Janeiro.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo offers many options for nightclubs and GLS bars and that will fill all your days in the great capital. As a highlight we mention the bar A Lôca, in Consolação and that is the most famous night of São Paulo. Nearby you also find the Blitz Haus a bar with different atmospheres and decorated with cartoon characters. The place has snooker and attracts quite young people.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

The Bofetada Club brings concerts and parties every weekend for those looking to dance the night away. Also worth mentioning are the Athenas Café, the Dida Bar, the Vermont Cafe and many others!

Holy Spirit

Although small, capital victory presents a great GLS roadmap. Because it is coastal, beach stalls and bars are always more prominent. Our list starts with the Lui Kiosk, which for many years has been known as a “catchment point” in Espírito Santo. Whoever comes here comes with the intention of flirting enough and enjoying the environment.

For dancing, we highlight the Boate and Bar Chica Chiclete, which has been part of the GLS scene in Vitória for more than 10 years and always as a TOP reference of the city. The Apertura Bar is also quite popular with the GLS public and deserves its visitation on one of the nights in Vitoria.

Central and South-West Region


The capital of Brazil also holds a great GLS itinerary for tourists. Start your evening at Brasilia at the Victória Haus nightclub, with lots of electronic music and shows. The place is very busy, especially on Friday. Get to know Club Workshop, Velvet Pub, Gate’s Pub and Galleria Area. All with a very selected audience and great parties and music options.

Among the bars are Beirut, Fulô Village, Cafe Savana, Noise and Balaio Café. All are designed for people who like quiet environments, but do not want to leave aside the enjoyment and flirting.


Land of the sertanejo, in Goiania you can find some very attractive GLS points for tourists in the city. We highlight the Diesel Lounge, Domingueira Millenium, The Pub and Total Flex BPM Club for those who want a lot of fun, especially on weekends. All these places have good music and lots of beautiful people. Some days you will find themed parties, especially in Total Flex BPM Club, which will make the night even more lively.

Santa Catarina

The last state on our list is also one of the biggest gay friendly destinations in Brazil. The beaches of Florianópolis are well known for their diversity stalls and a gay crowd in greater numbers. Still we highlight the Blues Velvet Bar, the Barbarella Lounge, the 1007 Boite Chik and the Floribar Café Lounge. You will surely find that holiday passion and you will have lots of fun in these environments.

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads

Did you like our list? So tell us where you’re going to start!

Top GLS Destinations in Brazil for Flirting and Ballads